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Contracting Through Technical Staffing Professionals

Contracting with Technical Staffing Professionals is simple! All of the administrative "back office" functions are handled through Top Echelon Contracting. You pay one simple invoice. Here's how it works:

  • The contract worker is located, interviewed, and hired on a contract basis. *(see note)
  • Top Echelon Contracting becomes the workerís legal Employer of Record.
  • Top Echelon Contracting handles the workerís taxes, insurance, benefits, 401(k), payroll, etc.
  • Top Echelon Contracting invoices you. You pay Top Echelon Contracting.
  • You direct the daily activities of the worker.
  • You decide when the workerís assignment is finished.

Calculate contract fees here!How much will it cost? Our Employer of Recordô Rate Calculator will help you determine the hourly rates.

  1. You select the worker and determine what he/she requires for an hourly pay rate. Enter the required pay rate into the Employer of Recordô Rate Calculator.
  2. Select the state in which the work will take place.
  3. Click the "Calculate" button on the Employer of Recordô Rate Calculator.
The actual hourly amount you will be invoiced will appear in the Company Bill Rate box.*



  1. The rates shown on the Employer of Recordô Rate Calculator are provided that the employer finds the contracted employee. If Technical Staffing Professionals is required to recruit the contract employee (which we will be pleased to do), an additional 25% of the hourly pay rate will be added to the Company Bill Rate.
  2. Over-time hours are billed at 1.5x the normal bill rate, and do not accumulate into conversion credit hours as described below.

Contract-To-Permanent Conversion
If an employer wants to convert a contract employee to a permanent position, Technical Staffing Professionals will reduce the permanent placement fees, based upon the contract regular (non-overtime) hours worked for the company.

Accumulated Regular Hours
Worked at Company:
% of full fee due
in conversion:
<520 100%
520 90%
1040 75%
1560 50%
2080 25%
>3120 10%

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